Been best friends with whole foods for more than 10 years, this nutrition enthusiast and home-cook dreams of changing your view towards whole foods and healthy eating, especially for all of the office workers out there

Hey Guys, I'm Wei Hao Pow

Here's how I may improve your health and life

Having been working a full-time job for the last couple of years, I occasionally find that my work output and productivity aren’t consistently at their peak. It wasn’t until I fixed my bad eating habits and cultivated a better, healthy eating habit that I realised I had been doing things wrongly. I want the best for all of you hard workers.

This educational blog serves just that – to provide all full-time workers a platform to fulfill all of their nutrition information needs and tips on cultivating healthy eating habits so that they can finally make peace with whole foods, know their importance, and treat them as supportive allies to support their work productivity and overall wellness.

Some educational materials on Home Cooking, Healthy Diet, Fitness, and many more

I know you want to look good, feel your best and perform at your peak productivity level. The secret lies in embracing a balanced diet using whole foods.

Watch your productivity, energy, and overall well-being soar as you expand your knowledge on healthy eating habits, nutrition, home cooking, and productivity with these articles.

My home cooking and nutrition concept

Paofoodmedicine is an online recipe blog that inspires individuals to cultivate an intimate relationship with their health, through holistic eating practices with whole foods.

This concept started when I encountered challenges in discovering budget-friendly online recipes tailored for nutritious meals.

This nutrition and cooking concept enables busy, working individuals to prioritize healthy eating through educational resources on efficient cooking methods, ingredient preparation, and accessible, nutritious recipes, alongside mindfulness content.

About me

I’m Wei Hao – a diploma graduate of Singapore Polytechnic Aeronautical Engineering, who soon discovered a love for home-cooking and nutrition. Ever since then, I’ve been exploring this new venture and passion.

Still figuring out who I am? You can find out more about me here.

If you cook more often, rather than get take-out, you’d have an overall healthier diet.

This is the ultimate guide to learn the tips and tricks about home cooking and kickstart your holistic journey with whole foods. 

Be more productive at work

A healthy, well-balanced diet is one of the best performance enhancers for employee well-being, while a poor diet contributes to diminished productivity and stunted organisational growth.

Whole foods should be your best friend too. Find out why!

Explore food & nutrition

Nourishing your body with wholesome foods and cultivating healthy eating habits lays the foundation for a vibrant life filled with productivity and wellness.

You’d know why healthy whole foods leave such a great impact on your health.